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Fucoidan was discovered for the first time in 1913, about 100 years ago. Since the time the first study on the remarkable efficacy of Fucoidan was presented in Japan in 1996, much attention has been focused on Fucoidan by many scientists, physicians and health food industries. Over the past 30 years, many types of Fucoidan products have been introduced in the market as health food or as raw materials for some of medications. Nature Medic, LLC is a young company founded in 2014, but our executives and key managers are experts who have been playing a fundamental role in introducing Fucoidan products to many countries, including the United States, since a long time ago.

NatureMedic is a Fucoidan-specialized global company. With the inception of 2014, for those who need an upgraded Fucoidan product that can strengthen the immune system and help support the liver that is susceptible to damage from treatments, Nature Medic, LLC introduced <NatureMedic® Fucoidan powered with AHCC® >, the world's first formulation mixing Fucoidan with AHCC®, and this product has been loved by customers around the World.
In addition, in 2016, we, Nature Medic, have successfully developed another world's first product, <NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus>, which is composed of Mozuku, Mekabu, and Fucus. This new exceptional formulation is differentiated from other Fucoidan products in the market and designed to help support the enhancement of the immune system and to provide antioxidative properties.

If a combination of two types of Fucoidan - Mozuku Fucoidan and Mekabu Fucoidan - product is considered a good formulation , <NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus> with three high-purity Fucoidan extracts will become the best product in the market. On top of Mozuku and Mekabu Fucoidan, this new product has one more type of Fucoidan, Fucus, that is well known for its excellent immune enhancement properties and antioxidative properties.
<NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus> is an amazing product because it not only contains a proprietary blend of three types of Fucoidan, but also has a great amount of high-purity Fucoidan, which is far superior to conventional Fucoidan products. Furthermore, containing the world-class quality Mekabu and Fucus Fucoidan which are grown in pristine oceans and certified by USDA (US Department of Agrculture), <NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus> becomes another premium high-ranking Fucoidan product side-by-side with <NatureMedic® Fucoidan powered with AHCC®>.

We believe that <NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus>, which was created based on the best experience and know-how, is another hope for those who are looking for high-quality Fucoidan products . We will continue to develop high-quality, high-potency Fucoidan products to make NatureMedic® products become the most trustworthy products that meet the expectations of customers who are looking for quality premium products.

We sincerely hope that all of you will be able to live healthier and may your life be filled with happiness and joy.

From Nature Medic, LLC.   
"Let us thank God for calling us to be a part of such a noble work."
- Mother Mary Potter
Romans 8:35-39
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